Survey by SimpleID - Biggest Pain Points When Building Ethereum Dapps

Hey all, if you have 2 min, this survey will help us as we build the tools to support a much better Ethereum development experience and a much better end-user experience. OpenZeppelin support is already something we plan to offer out of the box, but there are a bunch of other eth-related topics in the survey. Thanks!

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Hi @jehunter5811,

Welcome to the community :wave:.

Can you share some information on what project the survey is for?
I didn’t see anything when I did the survey.

It would also be great to include OpenZeppelin SDK in the list of tools in the survey questions.

I would be interested to see a summary of the results once the survey is done.

Sure! SimpleID is building dev tools for Web3. We started with a proof of concept that was largely focused around authentication and onboarding and now that we’ve proved that our, we are focused on adding tools to make SimpleID a more robust solution. But making sure we address the right problems is key, and that’s where the survey comes in.

I think we had tunnel vision on things we assumed were problems when adding dev tools to the survey and had not even considered adding Open Zeppelin because what y’all do seems so perfectly suited for any developer to use. We should be able to edit the survey even after it’s live, so happy to add that.

Glad to share results when it closes too, thanks!

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Hi @jehunter5811,

I updated the title to make it clear to the community who the survey is for.

Do you have any public links about SimpleID that you can share?