Need help with Tokenomics

Can someone tell me after creating a token, and a website to host a presale for this token. What’s the next step. If it’s similar to Safemoon. Then can someoe explain how much token to be sold in presale and how much to be saved for adding in pancakeswap. Also is it necessary to add BNB with the rest of the tokens .on pancakeswap.

Is there any possible way to just add all the tokens on pancakeswap right from the beginning and sell?

My actual confusion. Someone told me we need to add equal amount of BNB as our new token’s price is.
So basically I was going to sell half tokens and put the other half in pancakeswap with the BNB earned from half TOKENS’ presale. But that gives me concerns about where do I get more coins from if I want to register on another exchange.

So my question specifically is about the portion. Can someone suggest me a really good and working model of the percentage that’s best to sell and add in pancakeswap.

Also .what is liquidity locked? Will I lose ownership of those coins? The tax which is adding 2% to liquidity pool, it is being added without the BNB. How does that work.
Coz when I have to add liquidity it is necessary for me to add BNB as well. So how does the tax liquidity gets added to pool.

Thank you. I know a lot of questions.
You can probably write an article on the whole answer. Lol.