Need help to add existing user of OpenZeppelin Defender as a project admin

Am trying to add user as an admin in user management dashboard but got message to contact defender support for adding existing user as collaborator

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Trying to add user as an admin in user management dashboard


I am trying to create a team project for contract management in OpenZeppelin Defender, and am inviting all teammates as collaborators in user management dashboard. But when I am trying to add, the following message shows up:


Email owner has checked mailbox and don't see any mail invite as collaborator in OpenZeppelin Defender, so wondering what can be done so this email address can be added.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Create two accounts in OpenZeppelin, and trying to add one to another in user management dashboard page of user management dashboard

Hey @linchar! I can see that tsuigeo signed up and created a new team on Defender on the 22nd. He'd have to log in to Defender using his credentials and delete his account, so he can get invited to your team. As an alternative, you can also invite him with another email (eg

Hope this helps!

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