OpenZeppelin Defender Demo - Wednesday 28 April 2021

OpenZeppelin Defender Demo

:cinema: Defender product demo
:bulb: Lowering user risk with Defender and Contracts
:shield: DevSecOps for Ethereum (DevOps + SecOps)
:speaking_head: Live Q&A with our team
:clock12: Wednesday noon PT/3pm ET/8pm UTC

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I’ve tried to join a couple of your webinars now, but both times I’ve been given ‘invalid meeting ID’ by zoom.

Is anyone else struggling to join? I’ve tried from two seperate devices.

Hi, have you checked this calendar:



Are you using the old meeting ID? We changed to a new account so if you register for our events here ( ), you should get the new link. Let me know if that works.

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I’ve been able to join today - weird, must have been a bug with the other invites I’d received.

Great to hear! It was probably the old meeting ID you had, we migrated to new Zoom account. See you at the next one :slight_smile: