Migrate to HardHat (Already deployed upgradable contracts with Truffle)

Hi Team, thank you for creating such an amazing smart contract development tools.

I am migrating my project from truffle to hardhat.

We already deploy our smart contracts to Mainnet.
Is it going to work well if then later we use Hardhat to do the upgrade these contracts?

Any thoughts on this please let me know.

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If you use the plugin @openzeppelin/hardhat-upgrades, you can have a look at this tutorial: OpenZeppelin Upgrades: Step by Step Tutorial for Hardhat

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Thanks for the answer I went through that doc already.

But could you read my question again, please?

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Emmm, I am not sure in the truffle which proxy contract does it use. If they use the same contract, I think it is OK.

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Hi @imkrish,

As @Skyge said, I think it should be ok.
{UPDATE] I checked with the development team and there should be no issues.

I recommend adding your configuration files to version control first: https://docs.openzeppelin.com/upgrades-plugins/1.x/network-files#configuration-files-in-version-control

I just deployed an upgradeable contract using Truffle Upgrades Plugins, and then installed Hardhat and then did an update using Hardhat Upgrades Plugins. I didn’t have any issues.

Hi @imkrish,

You are ok to migrate to Hardhat. Feel free to ask any questions.

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