MetaCartel Demo Day - Berlin - 19 August 2019

MetaCartel Demo Day

@rrecuero is speaking and @dennison is running a workshop at the MetaCartel Demo Day.

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Speaker: @rrecuero

Web 3.0 applied product lessons from the last 20 years

Workshop: Enabling web 2.0 users to engage with your dapp :fuelpump::calling::dizzy: @Dennison

In this workshop, we will dive into how you can implement meta transactions (meta-txs) into your dapp to engage with users that don’t have any gas. In this session, expect a dive through on the possibilities of this solution, how it is used as well as how to implement it.


Nice! Berlin is quite close, so I have to go :slight_smile:


So many great events in Berlin, looking forward to hearing all about it.

@spalladino is hosting a workshop at Web3 Summit:

The list of Blockchain Week Berlin events can be found here:


Schedule has been released:

According to MetaCartel twitter it will be recorded:


@rrecuero at MetaCartel Demo Day

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