Blockchain Developers Summit - Berlin - 20 August 2019

Blockchain Developers Summit

@jcarpanelli is presenting:

  • OpenZeppelin Talk: Delightful DX and UX in Ethereum: Removing friction points for devs and users
  • Panel: Present & Future of the blockchain tools and initiatives

Tickets are sold out on Eventbrite but the message from George is:

Event Details:


Tickets are sold out but the message from George is:

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Berlin only for ethberlin hackathon. I would love to join.
That message from George reminds me of meetups … People that say “yes” and doesn’t show, should organize at least one meetup to understand the feeling :rage:

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Hi @obernardovieira

There are so many great events happening in Berlin.

Enjoy EthBerlin. Look forward to hearing what you build.

I like the idea of projects like for helping encourage people to attend.

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I’m looking forward to meet people with ideas and help build something. I’m already building so many stuff :joy:

That’s a great project. I had that idea a while ago. Happy that someone actually built it. It seems to be the only way. Like, the attende pays $10 and if he shows up, gets them back.