What events are you attending at Berlin Blockchain Week?

Let the community know what events you are attending so they can look out for you and please say hi to the OpenZeppelin team. :wave:

@obernardovieira is going to EthBerlin
@paulinablaszk did you get tickets for MetaCartel Demo Day?
@chris.whinfrey was planning to go to the Blockchain Developers Summit.
@tomnash is speaking at Web3 Summit

The list of Blockchain Week Berlin events can be found here:

The OpenZeppelin team are at the following events:


Yes, I will be in Berlin on Monday - at MetaCartel Demo Day :slight_smile:


I’m going to be in Berlin too!

I’ll be on the web3summit on monday and tuesday.

With @chris.whinfrey we were planning to go for dinner on Tuesday. Maybe we can turn that into an informal gathering to meet OpenZeppeFriends, and go for food and drinks :smiley:


@elopio That sounds great!

@miguelmota and I will be at Meta Cartel Demo Day on Monday and then @shanefontaine, @miguelmota, and I will be around the rest of the week and plan on going to DAOFest, the Blockchain Developers Summit, DappCon, and ETHBerlin. :smiley: If you see us, come say hi!


I’m sorry. We might have to do our informal gathering today, instead of Tuesday :frowning:
But anyway, if you are around, let us know, we would like to meet for sure. I’m @elopio in Telegram.

Edit: We might have to cancel the cancellation. If you are around today, we can meet. And tomorrow, too :wink:

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Oh great. I want to meet you guys. I think I’ll be more meeting people than actually coding :joy:
What telegram are you talking about @elopio?

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