LP Locking Question

Hello everyone, I recently launched a token utilizing the OZ resources. I’ve gotten a lot of support quickly and I’d like to lock my liquidity pool tokens. I have two questions about this that I hope I can get an answer for.

If I lock my LP tokens, that means that people can still buy and withdraw on Pancakeswap yes, it just prevents me from removing liquidity right?

Additionally, if I add in more liquidity to my paring, will that reduce the value of my coin currently?


No more liqudiity is present better it is

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Great, last question I suppose then.

If I lock my LP can I still add to it? I just can’t remove liquidity right?

Maybe. A little complex calculation. I am not familiar with the pancake, but I think you can have a look at this article about Uniswap: https://pintail.medium.com/uniswap-a-good-deal-for-liquidity-providers-104c0b6816f2 You can learn more about liquidity.

Yes, I think so.

Yes, when you remove liquidity, it needs your LP token, you have locked it, so you can not remove liquidity.

If you are looking to get help with LP locking, check out Mudra Locker (https://mudra.website ) which has the lowest cost to lock PancakeSwap LP tokens. Has great UI, lock management features, and shareable lock certificates.