How to lock liquidity on pancakeswap?

I need to lock my liquidity on pancakeswap so as to step forward towards trust. Also, I need to lock my DEV wallet so as to prevent extreme selling volume from the devs.
But whichever service I am visiting, they are costing a lot for it. One service almost cost 1.5BNB’s. Others ask for 0.4 BNB which is still a lot for us.

  1. I have a doubt that if they can lock our liquidity, why can’t we ourselves? Searched a lot but haven’t found any help. Could someone please tell me how can I lock my liquidity and dev wallet myself?

  2. I need to serve my token so that people can buy it, but I am really confused on that. Some people said send it to the contract address and others said put all into liquidity. Can someone clear this doubt?

Thank you!

Check out Mudra Locker ( which is the most affordable and secure way to lock liquidity for pancakeswap. Has great UI, lock management features and shareable lock certificates.

But there must be way to do it on our own right??


I's just a command, but I haven't tried it out myself. This is the link I found:

Check this to implement your own Time-lock contract.

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Cedilla Locker is currently the cheapest liquidity locker on the market. Constant fee is 0.1 BNB and token fee is 0.4% It has lock certificate and extend feature. Contract verified and audited.