Looking for a solidity developer. Less than an hour of your time. Can pay in fiat

Greetings! To whom it may concern,

In urgent need of someone with a a solid background in solidity. I have a contract that is nearly complete. Just need a couple things modified to align with our tokenomics. Long story short the contract has a tax that is taken off of each transaction. The tax amounts are already setup but the actual function needs to be modified to do the following.

  1. Automatic liquidity repooling (PAIRING WITH ANOTHER TOKEN, NOT ETH)
  2. The tax is split up and sent to two separate multi-sig wallets.

I know the contract is very close and a skilled programmer would make light work of this. Iā€™m not very wealthy. However, I get paid this Friday and would have no problem paying $200 USD to whomever can get this done for me. <3

I can share the draft of our whitepaper to help explain further if need be.

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Hi I sent you a DM. Please check it

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Hi, still looking for dev?