Smart Contract Developer Needed

Hey, how are you?

A team of marketers and 2 novice programmers are looking for help with our next ERC-20 token. We have created tokens in the past and had successful launches and campaigns but the idea we are working on now requires some more advanced functions. We are looking to create a smart contract with a presale and white list for specific wallets. For post sale we want token price to increase linearly during the crowd sale lifespan. We want a fixed supply of 1 billion. We are also looking for a tax on buys of 8% that feeds the liquidity pool and a tax on sells of 4% that reflects back to holders. We want a gradual burn, and we want 0% of the tokens transferred to founders or early investors. Every single person who holds the token will have to swap ETH for it. The Developer helping us would be paid in cash as well as being on the pre sale list obviously. We need some help making the product but once its done you can believe we will sell it.

We want to have all our duck in a row for Etherscan, Coin market cap, Coin Gecko and eventually CertiK. All of that stuff we can handle we just want the contract to have no issues with being verified and audited down the road.

If interested send me a email and I would be happy to explain every aspect of the project and who is involved in my team.


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