Liquidity pool is causing high market cap

Hello everyone, I'm in the process of deploying my first contract. The issue I'm running into now is when I go to make a liquidity pool at pancake swap.

I add 1% of total supply and one BNB. However when I go to dextools it shows me having a nearly $400,000 market cap with only one or two transactions.

I deploy the token again this time I deposit 95% of total supply and one BNB.
Now dextools tells me I have a nearly 2 million market cap and someone can buy 20% of my total supply with only a few dollars.

I am trying to create a token with a 1 trillion total supply. I would like to start my liquidity pool with about $1,000. How would I go about creating a liquidity pool that does not somehow skew my tokens initial market cap which should be zero if I have zero trades? When I tried creating the pool with 1% of total supply and one BNB everything seemed to work fine except that dextools for some reason thought I had already amassed 400,000 dollar market cap.

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Sorry, I do not know the tool you said above, so I am not sure how does it calculate the market cap.
And if you want to add liquidity with the value $1,000, I think the pool will have a low liquidity and it will lead to a large slippage.

Well the market cap is based on supply * price. If the total supply of your token is 1 trillion and the price is 1$ per token the market cap will be 1 trillion * 1 = 1 trillion.
If there is 100$ or 1000$ in liquidity doesn't matter, only the ratio of the assets. So the price you set for the token must be different or the supply in order for the market cap to be different.

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I agree that with only $1,000 you are going to run into slippage problems and illiquidity very soon. Also the price of the token will spike greatly due to the low liquidity. I know you are deploying on BSC, but I'd look into concentrated liquidity. This is currently offered by Uniswap V3 on Ethereum Mainnet, but perhaps some team has ported it to BSC. It won't solve the MCAP problem though. As mentioned the MCAP comes from supply*price. What you could do is mint less tokens at the beginning, and have a Cap in you contract for a maximum possible supply. Then the MCAP should be more contained.

If you want to provide liquidity with different rate, you can make some trade in pancake with you tokenA and your tokenB to become rate which you need, after that provide liquidity by based on market rate.