Introduce yourself here!

Hey ! I’m from France and I have been learning Solidity for some weeks. I heard about OpenZeppelin in tutorials on Youtube, because lots of them use it.
I hope we will all get better and make great things in this world :slight_smile:


Hi @Aymane,

Thanks for introducing yourself. :pray:

I recommend having a look at Solidity learning resources.

You could also share your journey with the community:

I am the Community Manager at OpenZeppelin. I am in Melbourne Australia. :kangaroo: :australia:

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Hi everyone! My name is Amelia, I’m from Spain. I’ve been working with smart contracts and blockchain, and now I’m discovering upgradeable smart contracts. Exited to be here and to learn from you!


Hi @ameliafb,

Welcome to the community :wave:
I am in Melbourne Australia. :kangaroo: :australia:

If you haven’t already, I recommend trying out upgrading via OpenZeppelin Defender (Defender is free to sign up).

Would you mind sharing what you are building?

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hey everyone! My names Joey Iny & I’ve been working as a music producer for some time now. I’ve been aware of blockchain and NFT since 2017 (cryptokitties!) but for some reason this year it just clicked. I’m working on a music NFT project with PVLACE from 808 mafia and I’m super excited to launch it and get it off the ground.

Also excited to get to know you all, looks like an awesome community

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Hi @joey,

Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for introducing yourself :pray:.

Good luck for your music NFT project. Much of the focus has been on static and now dynamic images. It will be great to see other media using NFTs. Also on getting wallet support for other media.

Are you creating NFTs on existing marketplaces or creating your own marketplace?

we’re creating our own kind of baby marketplace but it will be compatible with OpenSea

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Hi everyone!

Glad to be here. I have been super curious as to how to get started. What are the forum’s recommended Tutorials for an absolute beginner. I have used ETH, but never as a dev.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @blocklocc_run,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I recommend starting with the Contracts Wizard and creating and deploying ERC20 and ERC721 tokens locally using Remix:

From there you can follow the OpenZeppelin Learn guides:

Also see the Solidity learning resources