Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the Zeppelin Community forum :tada:

This thread is for you to say hello to everyone in the community and tell more about you :slight_smile:

If you’re not sure how, try with some of these:

  • Why are you here?
  • Where are you from?
  • How did you hear about Zeppelin?
  • What do you expect from the community?

I’ll go first! My name is Martín, I’m from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I’ve been working at Zeppelin one year now: first as a smart contract developer/auditor and now leading our communications efforts.

Now it’s your turn!


Hi there! My name is Demian and I’m a CEO at Zeppelin. I’m happy we are launching our forum as a new platform to gather community discussion, and I welcome you all!


Hi! :wave:

I’m Fran, developer at Zeppelin, and I’m leading the development of OpenZeppelin.

I look forward to helping out with any questions you have, and hearing your ideas for the library!


Hey there! Santiago here, though everyone calls me Palla. I’m based in Buenos Aires, work at Zeppelin, and I’m one of the developers behind ZeppelinOS. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for the platform!


Howdy! I’m Alejandro Santander, a proud Zeppeliner, starter of Ethernaut, also developing ZeppelinOS atm. I’m based in the beautiful Uruguay. In non digital life I like :surfing_man: :sunny: :musical_note: :beer: :hamburger: :bookmark: and :man_dancing:


Hello, I’m a developer at TokenSoft Inc. I’m working on a standard for tokens with transfer restrictions (ERC-1404) and hope to publish evm packages that allow token issuers to launch US regulations compliant tokenized securities with low legal overhead. Excited to be here.


Hello! I’m Leo. I work at Zeppelin from my house in Costa Rica.

I’m part of the research team where we make audits for interesting projects, learn stuff, hack on things from the society that are not supposed to be touched…

I love discourse, I’m so happy we are starting this :slight_smile: Welcome everybody!


Hi everyone! I’m Manuel, CTO and founder at Zeppelin. I live in Buenos Aires, love ice-cream, animals and playing the guitar, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this new forum can help our community. Welcome everyone!


Hey everyone! My name is Chris Whinfrey. I’m one of the founders at Level K. We’re working on Tidbit, an EVM package for building oracles, and registry-builder, an EVM package for building registries. We’re all really excited to be apart of the community! I live out in Los Angeles and if anyone’s in the area, would love to meet up.


Hi all! I’m John Kelleher, one of the founders of Level K and I am based in Boston. We are currently working on two EVM packages for ZOS, registry-builder and tidbit (for oracles). Super excited about ZOS!


Hello world!. I’m Martin, from Rosario, Argentina, now based in Buenos Aires. I used to work as a penetration tester, but then I got thrilled with the people at Zeppelin and decided to jump in!. I’ve been working at Zeppelin for a few months now, as security researcher. I’m also really keen on electronic music production :grinning:


Hello everyone! I’m Ivan Martinez, currently working as a Software Engineer for IDEX and I manage a few developer communities over on Discord, nice to meet everyone!!


Hello all! My name is Toby. I live in New York City. I am an independent dev, long time bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast, that starting developing on ethereum earlier this year after completing my eth-developer certification from b9lab. I went through the Ethernaut series (which was amazing and fun!), and have used Open Zeppelin contracts for a couple projects, one pet project still running is
which uses the 2.0 contracts. If we ever meet in person, I will buy back my tokens from you in USD!

I am here for the EVM upgradable packages!

got a larger projects in the works, but it is still in stealth mode :wink:


Hi all, I’m James from the Witnet Foundation. Been a fan for a while and excited to see this taking off.


Hello there!

My name is Ali Nuraldin. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. Worked on many non-blockchain related projects before. Currently leading the development of some of these projects.
Felt in love with blockchain last year and since that time trying to participate and contribute as much as possible.

Planning to publish few EVM packages and use somebody else’s packages as well!

So curious how it’s gonna look like and be :slight_smile:


Hello All!

My name is Nick Furfaro, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I got my start with developing on ethereum by taking the ethereum developer course with B9Lab last winter, where I was first exposed to openzeppelin. I’m currently working as an independent developer with an NYC startup, where I’ve been helping with smart contracts and migrating to using zOS for upgradeability.
When not on my laptop I love snowboarding, biking, rock climbing, playing guitar and martial arts.


Hi guys! the work you did so far is very cool and a great example to anyone interested in EVM package development, glad to have you around!

Welcome Toby! Great to see you used OZ 2.0, have you tried using OpenZeppelin-eth, the evm package implementation of it?

Welcome @jrmoreau, @n44o! What are your plans for the beta? Are you going to develop EVM packages, build on top of them or audit them?

Hello @alirun, that’s awesome! Do you have any ideas for EVM packages yet?

Hi @youfoundron! I’m not familiar with ERC-1404, is it similar to the TPL EVM Package?

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Yes. TPL protocol is very interesting, and I’ll be looking at it more closely soon.

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