Integrate autotask with multisig

We are working on defi protocol where users will be able to create their own vaults. Several operations need to be performed by admin. Defender admin is very handy for the same. We are planning to create multisig safe on Admin where more than one person can have privilege to approve/execute the transactions.

However, we also have some tasks which need to be scheduled to run every day. Autotask is great candidate for the same. However, autotask can only be integrated with relayer. Relayer addresses are apparently EOA not multisig.

please is there a way to integrate Gnosis multisig into autotask/relayer so that I can use multisig account to run all my operations

Hey @Bhanu_Ratnakaram! To make sure I understand: your use case is that you have a 1/N multisig (ie, a multisig with several signers, but where you require only one of them to execute an action), and you want to automate sending transactions through it using an Autotask, right?

If that's the case, you can set up a Relayer's EOA as one of the signers of the multisig, and use that to directly send transactions to the execTransaction method of the multisig.

Let me know if that helps!

Hey @spalladino , appreciate your quick response. That should work for us. thank you

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