Gnosis npm package in autotask

Hi, Please do you have any plans to add gnosis npm package to autotask. We can get around using your rollup example to import the gnosis sdk package. But I wanted to see if there is any easier way to do it via defender.

Our usecase:

  • We have a strategist account which is a multisig.
  • Our smart contracts allow only one strategist account and hence we configured the multisig account as strategist.
  • We want to write an autotask to send transaction via Relayer. This Relayer is configured in the multisig gnosis account.
  • We want to send the transaction from the multisig address but provide the signature from the Relayer account.

Hey @Bhanu_Ratnakaram! Sure, sounds like a good package to have ready to use in Autotasks. Just to confirm, it's the you're referring to, right?

Yes @spalladino , thats the package

If you plan to add soonish, we will hold our implementation so that we can write cleaner code :slight_smile: . Please do you know how long such additions take from your side generally @spalladino

We'll have it ready in a few hours!

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Done! Note that you'll need to create a new autotask to ensure you get the new set of dependencies.

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awesome, thanks very much

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