Defender Autotask - Relayer Integration Question

The Defender documentation states that an Autotask can integrate into Relay by passing the event object in place of the API credentials to the relay client. This will allow you to send transactions to the Relayer without having to setup API keys or secrets. The documentation states "Defender will automatically inject temporary credentials to access your Relayer from your Autotask"

A couple of questions:

  1. Since you are allowed to define multiple Relayers, how do you know which of these will Relayer will be invoked?
  2. Or does Defender create you a temporary Relayer for the AutoTask? If this is true, how do you make sure this Relayer is funded so that it can execute transactions?

Thank you


You specify which relayer an Autotask is connected to at the time of creating the Autotask, or when you edit it. See screenshot for a UI example.

As regards funds, Defender will send you alerts to your email when a Relayer's funds are getting low.