If a project is designated as a meme token, and if you have a wallet that you have designated as a project reserve, then is the project recognized as an investment?

Or it’s not worth talking about the presence of reserves in the project, which can be used to counter the risk of a global collapse in prices in the future, as well as in the event of a hack, even if the probability of a hack is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
After all, a memnaya coin is a coin that does not give any guarantees. But if the project has a reserve, funds and savings, then users will be guided by purchases according to these indicators as well, therefore, is there a risk of requiring regulation by the authorities?
I know for sure that some rating exchanges require a legal opinion that a coin or token is not an investment.

In most countries crypto/tokens will (eventually) be seen as similar/same as stocks. People buy crypto/tokens in the hopes of it becoming more valuable/making money. Which can be seen as an investment and most country will apply regulations/rules as such.

However this will differ between countries. So all you can do is folllow your local laws. Not even Coinbase and Binance know all the rules and regulations of countries. Mostly because most countries don’t know them themselves yet and still working them out.

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