Resecure eth address with multisig because ico come smart contract or timelock

I have a compromised wallet. I can prove funding as the wallet I funded the compromised address with I alone have access to it. Is there any multisig that can use a current address require additional signatures before any transactions going to or leaving the compromised wallet, or any solution, to protect timelocked stakes or Ico's that have been invested in so as to resecure a wallet until such time that they can be sent safely to a new wallet with a ledger on a new clean computer. Yes I have finally decided it wont be too much trouble to use a ledger.

Hi Brian
Here is Milo Point from Canada.
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Hello Milo thats you very much for replying I am on a project for the next few days I will try to dontact you CST tonight about 10 pm if that wsorks for you unless I am just too tired I am helpinhg my daughter move and its kinda hard on old man but I certainly will at the latest wednesday be able to get in touch as time is of the essance and have to find a sure soultion otherwise the rest of my decades of lifes work will be taken by this thies when my wife and i should be able to finally relax thank you again Brian

Hello Brian.
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It is not possible to “change” a wallet in the way you hope. If you have some kind of tokens staked/locked outside of you wallet that the hackers haven’t stolen yet then it might be recoverable as long as you make sure your transactions are not send to the public mempool. That will only work however for transactions you initiate. If any transaction of your wallet goes over the mempool however then the hacker will most like frontrunning your transaction and steal the funds.