I want to deploy a contract that ownership has been renounced

I want to deploy this contract which a team sent to me for checks.
Please I really need your help my questions are two.

  1. Ownership has been renounced do I need to do anything to be able to deploy this.

  2. It seems the buy and sell tax market and sell wallet gets tax in Eth and contract automatically sells at 10,000 tokens, is this true??

And any other opinion

I will be very happy to get a reply

If you are planning to deploy a new contract, please note that the ownership of the previous contract may or may not have been renounced, and it is unrelated to your new contract.
The second question, the allocation of tokens for automatic vending, can be adjusted using the "updateSwapTokensAtAmount()" function.

Thanks so much.
I means I can update the swap amount to like 1000, 5000 etc?

From the contract does it give Eth to my address?

Also please for an Eth meme token do you think 10,000 is okay or do I reduce or increase.

Expecting a response
Thanks man

the ETH will be sent to devWallet and marketingWallet and liquidity pool.

Thanks so much I appreciate