Renounce smart contract ownership

I join a community Defi yield mining platform CZ Oven they said the smart contracts ownership is renounced but I can’t verify it on the read contract. I can’t find where the ownership is transferred to dead wallet. Please I need help to verify if actually the ownership is renounced.

Here is the BSC contract address

I was told the ownership was changed
Here is the transaction hash

Hey @Sugarpee, I think the renounce ownership was applied correctly at first sight.

The owner variable is private so that's why is not queryable via Etherscan but I don't see any other way of changing the owner in the contract.

Take this with a grain of salt, I just quickly checked the code but may be other things to consider. Hopefully this will give you some guidance :slight_smile:

It is Binance smart chain on BSC scan not etherscan

Same answer as above