I wanna create a token with 10% dev taxes on buys and sells

Hey Guys i wanna launch a token on the ethereum mainnet and the token should have 10% dev taxes on buys and sells.
I already found a contract but somehow the taxes are getting reducted but not added to the dev wallet.
I cant even tell where the reducted taxes go tbh.

Hope someone can help me


hey, you might want to include the code snippet that handles the tax.

unfortunately im not a coder
i wouldnt know where to include the snippet

can u help me out ?

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Hi there,

I could help you with that.
Contact me through:

Email: pooww.ks@gmail.com
Telegram: Tray_Crypto

Hi, could you write what a snippet of this code looks like that will handle the tax?!

Hey, dont contact this guy x) @tokenjohnny simply put a link to a pastebin with your code in so we can try to check whats wrong :slight_smile: