I think I was scammed but I am not sure, would love some clarity on this

So, I found this youtube video about passive income with ETH, it described a process where you goto remix Ethereum website and create a smart contract using a bot he created. You send your funds from metamask into the "bot" and it is supposed to passively gain you ETH. As skeptical as I was, the video has a very high amount of positive remarks and I figured what the hell it is worth a try. I attempted it, and when I deposited the money in the contract, it never showed in the balance on etherscan. After reviewing the transaction hash which can be pulled on etherscan with this: 0xaec7e281df0543a974d0904257370191bc062815dc1a82558f62a6d8e9792b49

I see that when the ETH was sent to my contract (0x07aDc6b34eB291aa4CA6418CDF21204a46363B79), it literally was instantly transferred to another contract or wallet (0xE99ffCcd4aC8ff7E7bA40dEc214054EED1E3e78c), which there is a record of and It literally has my funds sitting in the account as we speak. I am curious did I just get scammed or did I botch the whole transaction in some way? I assume this ETH is gone, but I would love to have some people weigh in on this for me because I am at a total loss trying to understand what happened.

Here is also a link to the youtube video for posterity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJuDrqMbGxk&t=6s


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Please Verify & Publish Your Contract Source Code, so we can see what it looks like.

It's a wallet, which makes it reasonable to assume that you've been scammed (unless you - and only you - happen to have the private key of that wallet, which is extremely doubtful of course).

But again - we'll need to see what your contract looks like.

Same issue here. Can you please help.

Here is the transaction.
https://bafybeicnb4jkjzrlttr5dbjt7o46ezacoyyipvil4kc3rfo35bg7lmacfy.ipfs.w3s.link/B0319.txt (This is the code i used to create the bot on remix. Support would be appreciated.

I am also having the same issue, anyone has a solution yet?