Beginner looking for answers about malicious contracts

I have no idea what I'm doing I'll be honest, the furthest I ever got with code was html websites.
I found a contract by a fake nft page and was wondering what people here would look for to spot anything scam or hack related. Immediately I noticed it wasn't verified and all the 'celebrity mints' were fake transfers. I'm really interested in the security aspect of crypto and coding. Maybe you can help me?

Is there anything about this contract that stands out as being malicious to you?

And if so what were you looking for and why?

Hi.. I don't have much idea about how peeps detect scam/fake token, but I would always check for token transaction history before investing/dealing with it. Bcz everything seems to be mutable except the transaction history on blockchain. For example, squid game token, one of address dumped nearly 88 % token to unverified contract.

Now an unverified contract ( with huge token transactions) is a black box with 0 transparency and I will certainly stay away with these kinds of token.

Hello everyone , I was wondering the same about this same contract. I have been asking why the contract wasn’t verified in the discord … and now I’m banned !!!

I still own a NFT minted from this contract … is there a risk !?

Thanks for your advices.

Hi Benjamin, I don't understand how discord verifies the contract. All contract verification is shown in the contract section on respective BSCScan contract website. Same is also shown on

Thumb rule is, if you deal in anything, you must look for the contract addresses details.