Anti whale strategy - Best way to fund a crypto project

Hi there! im new on this forum and this is my first post, Me and my team had been designing a simple but powerful project, and regardless of any technical issue, we want you to share your thoughts about funding. What do you think is the better way to fund your project? i mean, my goal is to design a tokenomics strategy that allow final users to really own the project

It should be

  • Decentralised: Not whales or VCs manipulating price
  • Useful: Like a DAO, users vote for changes and improvement proposals
  • Sustentable: Token price action help the team to expand and keep improving the project with just a small fraction of the total supply designated to them.

If you know some success case, please share it with me, i promise this wont be my last post here hehe :wink:

I would add Buy limits and start really organically in your growth. If you jump straight into paid advertising and private groups then whales will gobble up the early supply. Consider making friends/ outreaching 100 people to back the project and create an organic group/community before going public