I need help newbie here 😂 once i have deployed contract from remix

so i have deployed my first contract from remix...
once i have deployed it i copy the contract address etc but once i get to look at my new contract i have made .. just a basic safemoon token, i cant actually see any tokens or any details about my token ive createed all i see is that it come from me ... really .. what im trying to do is see the tokens etc so i can put them into liquidty on pancake swap an complete the process and make sure everything works fine =)

can anyone help me please

i thought my token would show like the token the contract addy etc ive done it on pink sale before but .. no luck .. also if anyone knows a good course to take on starting token etc on remix

You need to verify your token, by clicking verify link on the page. After the verification your token formation will show. Dm if you still don't understand it.

did you send the coins from the contract to your main address? if not, you will not see it.