Generate BCS token but no contract name

Hi, I copy the safemoon contract, and use it to create another token on the remix. But when I deploy, it doesn’t show the token name. Can you help me ? I just know how to use remix

Hi namnk, welcome to the forums!

Looking at your contract code, it appears that it did not deploy correctly. Make sure you code compiles. Make sure you follow basic tutorials using Remix to properly understand what you are doing.

After deploying, you should verify the code. But in this case it does not have a name because it did not properly verify. The best way to solve this is to follow a tutorial and get a basic development environment running.

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Hi @namnk,

It looks like you deployed Address rather than your token contract.

See the following response from @Skyge with a screenshot:

Thank you very much, I am retrying the contract

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