I heard that Tether can block USDT when executing a court order, can it block USDT on another blockchain?

I need to prepare in advance for future lawsuits. Suddenly, the head of the SEС wins the court, proves that the project is an investment project and a fine will be issued, but the project will not want to pay.

Yeah the contract has a block list which allows them to prevent transfers, it works for all chains. I think Usdc also has one.

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That's an interesting question about Tether and USDT. From what I've read, Tether does have the ability to freeze or block USDT in compliance with legal orders. By the way, speaking of USDT, I recently discovered a convenient service to exchange Tether TRC20 to Skrill. It's been pretty handy for me when I need to move funds around. You might find it useful too! Crypto can get pretty complex, and it's always good to stay informed about how things work.