I am planning to create a smart contract where the hijacking of admin rights by a hacker will become a dream of users

non-updatable smart contract, tax function.)
The administrator address and tax address cannot be changed. The tax rate cannot exceed 0.5%.
There is a renounce function. Renunciation is possible only to a non-existent address. But it requires a condition - the tax cannot be higher than 0%.
As a result, the maximum that a hacker can do is cancel the tax and make the smart contract a draw, but since he does not receive money here, shoots a video about this and monetizes himself on the darknet, he simply has no other choice. . Well, users are beginning to consider him Robin Hood.
I assume that such a smart contract is able to get a higher audit score than a smart contract in which the tax function can increase indefinitely.
I'm right ?

I’m afraid you don’t really understand how smart contracts work. What you are saying doesn’t make a lot of sense I’m afraid.
If a hacker finds an issue in your smart contract he will send the tokens/assets to his own address. This has not a lot to do with taxes or who is the owner of the contract or if the contract has been renounced.

Yes. I understand. To eliminate this risk. I will show you this smart contract. :wink: I will try to do so well. I'll try this month. I need a smart contract that theoretically cannot even be hacked by an attacker. Otherwise, in the future there will be a risk of disgrace to the entire planet. To eliminate the risk, which is called a shame on the whole planet, you need to keep 90-95% of the project's reserves in an ordinary bank. But in one in which it is impossible to seize funds.

Hello, the smart contract will only be ready in June, don't go far. I need to show you this smart contract.