I want to know the list of all possible attacks on a simple token smart contract

In September October, I need to update the smart contract of the token and make it as secure as possible. You need to put protection on all vulnerabilities. I think there will be three or seven administrators. (multi-signature) If you need to add a function to destroy tokens at the selected address, then there will be 25 admins (to call this function, the signature of 25 admins will be required, since I need guarantees) But at the moment I am 60% sure that this function will create additional risks, therefore setting this function is unlikely). After the success of the project, hackers will walk like wolves every day and sniff ... Therefore, I need to put protection against all possible attacks. The guys with MEV bots won’t get a cent either, you need to limit price slippage when buying or selling, write no more than 1% and introduce a tax of 0.5% on purchases and 0.5% on sales. I'd rather cut potential losses, tax and leave that money to the project than give it to these slackers.
So, what attacks should a token smart contract be protected from?