How to start as a smart contract developer

What are the perquisites to have before being a smart contract developer

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Hi @hassadem,

  • Passion and enthusiasm.
  • Experience (write lots of contracts and tests and deploy them)

I find I learn the most when I am writing contracts every day.

Have a look at: Solidity learning resources

Any suggestions @Jshanks21, @Proteu5?

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great thanks for your contribution, but is there any ebook that treat how to write smart contract code from scratch and mention how to call all the functions.
thanks will really appreciate if i can get one.

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I think this is useful:

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@hassadem it depends on your learning style. I haven’t found any one ebook or resource where you can learn everything you need to master smart contract code. That’s mostly because this stuff is still new and constantly changing.

Someone I’d recommend following for best practices in this changing world is Austin Griffith. Here’s some of his past Medium articles on smart contract projects:

And his Twitter:

And Youtube:

If you’re just starting out, I learned a ton from these YT channels which have a lot of tutorials for getting started with smart contracts:

First, Dapp University:

Second, Eat the Blocks:

Most importantly, you’ll never learn everything in any one sitting. There is no finish line in this race; but you can always get ahead as long as you don’t stop. The only way to get to first is to keep going.

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Hi @hassadem,

You could check out @spalladino’s book.

Hi @Jshanks21 & @Skyge,

Great additions, I have added to Solidity learning resources.

Thanks again :pray:


Am really happy for all responses oh! what a great resources and community to be
Thanks all

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