How to install the (deprecated) scrypt package in project

> root@LAPTOP-KV0IMG0V:~/pet-shop-tutorial# truffle test
> You can improve web3’s peformance when running Node.js versions older than 10.5.0 by installing the (deprecated) scrypt package in your project
How to install it?Could you tell me ?

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Hi @hibro,

I assume it is just npm install scrypt
Though alternatively you may want to upgrade the version of node and npm that you are using.

I currently use:

$ node --version
$ npm --version

I also use nvm (My smart contract development environment) to manage my node versions.

Hi @hibro,

I wanted to check how you got on? Do you still need help?

Hello, I am getting similar error and yet to fix it. I will appreciate ant help at all

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Hi @Richard1,

Sorry to hear that you are having an issue.

What are you attempting to install?
What operating system, node and npm versions are you using?

I am currently using WSL2 on Windows 10, node v10.19.0 and npm 6.14.4