Improve web3's peformance when running Node.js versions older than 10.5.0 by installing the (deprecated) scrypt package in your project

NOTE: DStorage Contract On Blockchain MAC BOOK PRO ( test setup)

Basically this Drop Box Clone is a old build from 2018 - 19 Dapp University tutorial:

Be a newbie to programming but familiar with basic fundamentals. In terminal at the truffle console.

I get a alert:

dstorage % truffle console

  • You can improve web3's performance when running Node.js versions older than 10.5.0 by installing the (deprecated) scrypt package in your project-
    I am sure to be running a older Node.js which Dapp University suggested so I should be ok... BUT

When progressing with console I/O calling a copy of the contract 'DStorage' to be display in terminal. I get:

truffle(development)> dstorage = await DStorage.deployed()
Error: DStorage has not been deployed to detected network (network/artifact mismatch) at Function.deployed (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/truffle/build/webpack:/packages/contract/lib/contract/constructorMethods.js:84:1) at Object.checkNetworkArtifactMatch (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/truffle/build/webpack:/packages/contract/lib/utils/index.js:249:1)

I do have DStorage server, Metamask and Ganache running prior to activating deployment. Also when activating terminal: truffle migrate --reset

I do get an appropriate output to Ganache and Metamask fee charge...

I just cannot get past truffle (development)> point.

Prior to going with DappUniversity setup. I have already tried (a few days ago) few new installs of Node.js, npm and truffle. But I did get errors after truffle migrate --reset...

So I finally settled with Dapp University's tutorial configuration requirements...

Programming Tools:

  1. Node.JS v9.10.0

  2. Truffle v5.1.39 ~ npm install --g truffle@5.1.39

  3. Ganache Personal Blockchain TestNetwork On PC

  4. MetaMask personal Crypto Wallet - connect to Ganache

  5. Open Command Terminal to Install Dependencies - Software
    Goto GITHUB https:// Load Dependencies

    add git clone -b starter_code to front of link

    add notation to link end: ‘_dstorage’

    This is your starter_code to run Server front end App “DStorage” should be running in window display

BACKEND: Configuration:

  1. Start Ganache Blockchain running in background
  2. Metamask Wallet link up to Ganache to handle ETH Gas Costs During
    Test run of Deployment of Smart Contacts on the Local Blockchain Network
  3. OPEN Sublime TEXT EDITOR to configure Code for Smart Contact to -test -run
    -deploy thru the Blockchain and IPFS…

Configuration Notes: Node.JS data files

Sure can use some help in passing my first tutorial lol ....

I forward this notation to Dapp University forum... will post update when received...

see full Dapp youtube: Code a DROPBOX Clone tutorial by: Gregory

thank you for your time...