How can I avoid this rug pull token?

Hi I am a beginner.
I have an issue about rug pull token.

The following 2 token are rug pull scam.

Please check holders.
After added a few liquidity, the holder who have much tokens appears and sell them.
I was watching them, but I couldn't find that holders, when the token was listed on uniswap.

Can I know those tokens are scam by seeing the contract code or some other information before those holders appear?
Thank you for your advise.

In the cryptospace you can assume that if a token isnt listed on one any if of the mayor exchanges then you have a 95% chance it is a rugpull and a 99% chance if its not on Ethereum blockchain :slight_smile:

However there are some good coins out there, i would advice you to Research the coin and also check tools like It checks some onchain data to see how reliable a coin is.