How can I archive or check the status of proposals using defender api?

I can't find a way to archive a proposal or check for its status using the API. Is there no endpoint that allows this?

Hi @hassan

Unfortunately, we currently don’t support archiving or retrieving a proposal status through defender-client.

However, this is something we might consider implementing in the future. Currently, you can only archive proposals through the the UI.

Hi @nami ,
This would really be useful. How are these request added?

Hi @derrey,

I have created a request for this internally just today :slight_smile:
We tend to get most of our feature requests from the forums. So this is a good place to start.

Hi. Any progress on the api request?

Hi @derrey and @hassan -

We just released a new version of Defender where proposals can be archived and unarchived via API. You can find more details here:

I have a workplace on Defender with few multisig, few relayers and few smart-contracts.
Through "user management", I added some collaborators to my workplace. Some of them have full access of it and can see past proposals, but some of them don't and have to import all the stuff by hands and don't see previous history.
I tried to upgrade their access by customizing it in "user management", but anything changes when they click on the new link of access.
What can I do to make accessible all the data/smart contract etc for everyone ?