How can I archive or check the status of proposals using defender api?

I can't find a way to archive a proposal or check for its status using the API. Is there no endpoint that allows this?

Hi @hassan

Unfortunately, we currently don’t support archiving or retrieving a proposal status through defender-client.

However, this is something we might consider implementing in the future. Currently, you can only archive proposals through the the UI.

Hi @nami ,
This would really be useful. How are these request added?

Hi @derrey,

I have created a request for this internally just today :slight_smile:
We tend to get most of our feature requests from the forums. So this is a good place to start.

Hi. Any progress on the api request?

Hi @derrey and @hassan -

We just released a new version of Defender where proposals can be archived and unarchived via API. You can find more details here: