Proposal Detail with Defender-admin-client or API

im trying to get the current specific status of some proposals, like in the website, for example executes, succescull etc. but whit the API i just get a property called 'isActive' and no the resolve or succesfull status.

:computer: Environment

im using defender-admin-client 1.25.0


using defender-admin-client.listProposals() function returns and array but i need to get current status not as true or false in isActive property.

Hi @Matias_Castro -

Really appreciate this feedback. I think it makes a lot of sense to return this data in the API response. I just created a work item to address this gap. We have a lot of in-flight features at the moment, so I can't commit to a timeline right now, but keep an eye on the What's New section in Defender and we'll provide a notice when this gets released.


Dan McKeon

Hi @dan_oz,

I think this is very similar to our other request 7 months ago and should be already on the list.