Monitoring actions on Defender

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@frangio @nami Could you please guide me on how to monitor privileged actions, details, and descriptions of a Token contract managed through Openzeppelin Defender? (Timelock)

Ex: If the owner changes tax percentages, how can I see it in advance, and read their notes.

Please consider me as a token holder.

Thank you.

Hey @CuriosCrew! If you're referring to monitoring Admin Proposals of a team you're not part of, that's unfortunately not possible. All proposals in Defender Admin are private to the members of the team, so if you're a token holder external to the core dev team, you won't have access to them. Nevertheless, we plan on allowing teams to make these proposals public in the near future though!

In the meantime, you can set up a Defender account of your own and set up a Sentinel for monitoring the project's timelock, and get notified whenever a new proposal is enqueued for execution. Just create a Sentinel that monitors the timelock contract's address, looks for the CallScheduled event, and sends you a notification every time it's fired.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @spalladino. Is that mean currently we cannot identify what proposers does through the timelock until they execute it?.

You can! CallScheduled is triggered when the proposers create a proposal on the timelock contract, so the Sentinel should notify you as soon as a proposal is enqueued through the Timelock (you can also monitor CallExecuted if you want to be notified when it's actually run).

What you won't be able to see is the description of the proposal in Defender Admin, since that's not submitted to the contract.

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