Need help adding a withdraw BNB function

We have 19.6BNB stuck in our contract with no withdraw method, i have been told the only way to remove this would be to upgrade the contract to a new one. Add the external withdraw function this is possible and it will not affect the contract balance or anything.

Here is the contract

I'm not a dev so not sure the process here can anybody advise if this would work or help.

My man how you managed to pull this one of? Well whatever. The people are right. Idk much about upgradeable contracts but thats probably the only way

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Do you know who could help me here or point me in the right direction as I have no knowledge of this

Sadly not. I sadly do not have a lot of connections or knowledge with upgradeable contract.But if you haven't implement a option to upgrade on deployment, well then you are pretty f** I guess. Well good luck anyways!

Ah really I didn't build the contract are you able to check if there is a option to upgrade I do not know what I'm looking for unfortunately.

Sadly it's not. Just a normal contract. How you even managed to get 19 BNB stuck there? Is this your project?

I don't no how it ended up there it's my project the dev had a hidden mint function and some how managed to control the contract off another address he also said prior to stealing our liquidity that there was about 20bnb in the contract which can be removed it's just a little tricky.

He stole 90k and blocked me I've tried to salvage what I can is there any way to to get this bnb out

Sadly there is no way to get out of this situation. Next time let another dev look over the code. I am sorry