Defender Zeppelin: .JS Autotask support

Any help would be amazing!

I am using a uniswap router to create a stable way of making donations. OZ sentinel is picking up the events I have emitted. As per the OZ workshop on minting NFT's when a swap occurs, i wish to do a similar thing. However, the .JS auto task code is very specific to the tutorial, and i wish to trigger an NFT mint on the simple act of a function being manually called.

The entry point is causing my issues, specifying;. I am looking for a syntax that broadly executes the NFT mint function when the monitored contract function is called manually, via MEW for instance. The sentinel picks up the emitted events, i just need some broader terminology, .JS is not my strong point! :frowning:

Any input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

// Entrypoint for the Autotask
exports.handler = async function(params) {
  const provider = new DefenderRelayProvider(params);
  const signer = new DefenderRelaySigner(params, provider, { speed: 'fast' });
  const { KeyValueStoreClient } = require('defender-kvstore-client');
  const storage = new KeyValueStoreClient(params);

  const [event] = params.request.body.matchReasons;
  console.log('Received match', JSON.stringify(event));
  const recipient =;

  console.log(`Processing trade for ${recipient}`);
  await main(recipient, signer, storage);

Link to OZ .JS code.

Link to this AWESOME workshop!