Getting started - don't have npx

Itrying to follow getting started on
Instructions worked through npm init -y
Then i got suspicious warning on:

jm@JoesLinuxLaptop:~/zeppelin-test$ npm install truffle
npm WARN zeppelin-test@1.0.0 No description
npm WARN zeppelin-test@1.0.0 No repository field.

Then could not find command npx:
jm@JoesLinuxLaptop:~/zeppelin-test$ npx truffle init

Command 'npx' not found, did you mean:

  command 'upx' from snap upx (v0.2.3)
  command 'gpx' from deb gpx
  command 'np' from deb mosquitto-auth-plugin
  command 'nex' from deb nvi
  command 'npm' from deb npm
  command 'nyx' from deb nyx

See 'snap info <snapname>' for additional versions.

Please advise.

Linux Ubuntu 18.4 LTS.
These instructions worked flawlessly on my other computer, Ubuntu 16.4 LTS.

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Hi @Joe,

npx was added to npm from v5.2.0, I assume that you could be using an older version of npm and if you want to use npx you can upgrade npm.

I use the following versions:

  • node --version v10.16.0
  • npm --version 6.10.0

Please note, we can't currently use node 12 with Truffle. We need to use node 10 or node 11.

If you are not already, you may want to consider using a node version manager to install and switch between versions of node.

Hi @Joe

Are you now up and running? Please ask as many questions as you need to.
Marking my reply as the solution.

Wow. Personal followup. Thanks. Yes, your solution was spot on.
I’ll have plenty of questions. Still learning from tutorials for now.


Hi @Joe Great to hear that you are up and running. :smile:

What tutorials are you using? Is there any topic that you wish there was a tutorial for?

If you have any questions, please ask away.

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For starters, here’s this page for a very simple ERC721
Put Taj Mahal on ERC721. Has same problem, uses 5.x.x syntax when we live in a 5.x.x world.
Then I did a couple of Udemy courses on Solidity programming.
I’d love to take a Zero to Hero course on ERC721/Open Zeppelin on Udemy. Their going price of $11.99 would be worth it. Any experts out there with good speaking skills?

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Hi @joe
I like the idea of a guide on how to create an OpenZeppelin ERC721 collectible. It’s on my list.