OpenZeppelin SDK 2.5.2 with node 12 support

Hey folks! The release of the v1.2.0 of web3.js has fixed a long-standing issue allowing web3.js to run in node 12. We have just published v2.5.2 of the SDK that upgrades from web3@1.0.0-beta.37 to this new release, and it is running fine on the latest version of node!

$ node --version
$ npx oz --version

Try it out with npm install @openzeppelin/cli@next and let us know how it works for you! We’ll be promoting this release to latest during next week.

Happy coding!


Awesome work. Just changed to node 12.7.0 (using nvm) and installed the OpenZeppelin SDK (npm install @openzeppelin/cli@next) and deployed a contract to ganache-cli and interacted with the contract using the interactive commands.