Fully-On Chain SVG Displaying but not Validating on OpenSea Polygon Testnet

Hi All,

Was hoping someone could help with an issue I'm having with OpenSea metadata refreshing.

I've made a fully on-chain svg based nft to test before and it all worked just fine, with both API validation and front-end display.

But the finished version I'm now working on gives me a 500 Server Error when trying to validate, even though the front end displays the on-chain info from the URI just fine (I can only post two links per post right now, I'll post a link to the working tests in another post below)

Broken API CALL:

Working Front End Display:

The reason this is an issue, is that this project has a reveal mechanic, which I've activated on several of items in the contract, and tried to update the OpenSea metadata via the button, and nothing has yet happened. The front end still displays the original base64 instead of pulling the tokenURI again.

And since I can't validate via the API call, I have no idea what info has or has not been updated on OpenSea's servers. As you can see, I even have force update in the above url.

Does anyone out there know why OpenSea won't update the metadata or validate via API despite it displaying the original data properly on the front end?

Thanks so much,

Links to the working test item, same base64 encoding, same proper front-end display, not sure why the non-test item is failing

Working API CALL:

Working Front End Display:

This question is very specific to OpenSea so I'm afraid we can't help. Consider asking in OpenSea support channels.