How to update ERC721 metadata on OpenSea

I have a question, I managed to deploy an NFT721 contract on Rinkeby, following your steps I also succeded in having the image show up on OpenSea … Since it’s a test token, I m trying to change the datas stored in the JSON files to which the URI points to. I changed the image, i see the JSON file updated, but there is no sign of change in the OpenSea and in the get asset page :
I am wondering if there is some actions one should do in order to update the JSON file … my ultimate goal is to have something showing up in Metamask, would love to be able to have an mp3 player in the metamask collectible display =)
here the NFT on OpenSea

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Hi @giacomogagliano,

I believe you can refresh using force_update on the API:

There is an issue with your metadata:

Yeah, I actually forced the issue to see it there was an update in the validate page :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. Now the error is fixed :innocent:.
Actually now this page is showing the right urls : .
did your force_update work? I mean did it update thanks to the force_update you did on the page?

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Hi @giacomogagliano

I did a force_update and that appeared to work.

Though there still looks like an issue with your metadata potentially:

I recommend getting in contact with OpenSea to see how they support audio metadata.

Hey @abcoathup , do you know if there is actually something to do in order to validate the baseURI datas? I think I managed to get some audio from the NFT page on OPENSEA (not yet from Metamask, not eve the Image), but There seems to be missing the collection description, I imagine that those datas should be the "description" inside the json metadatas file. I tried to validate the URL without “…/1” at the end of it, but it didn’t work out!

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Hi @giacomogagliano,

It looks like you have it working. Well done.

I’m having a similar issue where testnet opensea is not properly displaying my token. Even though I can see it was minted properly and has a valid metadata JSON. Please advise.

Here is the broken token.