Feature Request: Sentinel Creation - pull ABI from contract

Hey Guys,

I am just familiarizing myself with your Defender product and noticed that every time I want to create a Sentinel, it asks me to supply the ABI to the contract. I did supply this ABI before when I added the contract to our list, it would be great if you could save the ABI or pull it from the contract that I added instead of asking with every Sentinel to paste it again.

Or am I missing something?

Seems like a great product you have created there. I am still amazed by all the options the the potential security mechanisms I can set up with this tool. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the feedback and the kind words @denyo1986. We have that feature in our backlog, but still couldn't get our hands on it :).

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Really love the Defender. Great product. Very curious to see what else you have in your backlog :slight_smile: