Extremely high gas fees to withdraw from smart contract

We are seeing insanely high gas fees to withdraw from our contract to the owner wallet in the contract. This is the contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x1bb114a041355360fc7d4853b329a0b670b1993a

And when i call the withdraw function we are seeing gas fees is double of our current contract value. Included screenshot, is this expected? Do i really need to pay so much gas or is there some issue?

Are you using the address 0xF3cd8cd40109A218e1A18B7C0242eC4057F20b21 to send that transaction?

Yes, using that address to initiate the withdrawl

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Just like helio.rosa said, you should use the owner account 0xF3cd8cd40109A218e1A18B7C0242eC4057F20b21 to call this function, maybe you have changed your account, but it does not connect, so have a check.