Higher gas fees with ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId

Hey, I'm using ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId with Hardhat, pretty vanilla installation with my own withdrawal function. Unsure where the problem lies, but I am getting an exceedingly estimated gas price to withdraw(under the same address I used to deploy the contract). Could this be because of the complexity of the preset I'm using? Appreciate any helpful comments even though this may not be the place to ask

No. Usually an "exceedingly high estimate gas price" is because there is an error. Can you give more context as to what you are trying to do? Why are you trying to withdraw? From where and to where?

Thanks issue has been resolved. Some reason I had to enter "0" for gas. To be clear this was a custom withdraw function i made on top of the ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId preset

thanks to all

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