Ethernaut Solidity 0.5 Version - November 2019 update

Hi Ethernauts,

Help needed to test Ethernaut Solidity 0.5

Solidity 0.5 version is now available:

Help is needed in testing.

Reporting issues and creating Pull Requests (solidity-0.5 branch) to fix issues would be fantastic.

The following issues have been found so far:

A huge thank you to @paulinablaszk who upgraded all the smart contracts and tests to Solidity 0.5.

Thanks to @frangio who then made the site work with the upgraded contracts.

Once we have migrated to the Solidity 0.5 version we can then work on improving Ethernaut: Ethernaut mid August 2019 update

Tagging: @paulinablaszk, @obernardovieira, @frederickalcantara, @scammi, @ylv-io, @redragonx, @ianbrtt, @elopio, @fasteater plus any community members who want to get involved.


Oh great, congratulations @paulinablaszk.
I’ve been following the PR for a while. Great. I’ll give it try over the weekend :+1:


Thanks for the update and the good work. I’m repeating the challenges and I’ve already raised what I believe is an issue with level 10 advice on using transfer.

I will carry on with the challenges.


Hi @bergarces,

Thanks so much for creating the following issues that the advice needs updating:

Do you want to do a PR to update the text? Otherwise I will have a look later in the week.

Hi @abcoathup

This evening I’ll raise a couple of PRs. I’ll also report a couple more issues I found yesterday.

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Hi @bergarces,

Thank you. That is awesome.