Ethernaut Game Is Broken

Hello, there is a large groups that needs to complete the “Ethernaut” game; however, it recently became broken.

Can this be fixed asap? We really need to complete this game. Thank you!

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Hi @hackingbeauty,

I’m sorry that you have this issue. It appears that changes to MetaMask means that accounts can no longer be accessed.

You said that there is a large group trying to complete the game, is this a competition or a project?

There is an open issue for this:

Hi @hackingbeauty,

Ethernaut Solidity 0.4 and Solidity 0.5 versions are up and running.
Thanks to ayasamind for the PR. :pray:

@abcoathup, thank you for fixing this!

Gitcoin is sponsoring the KERNEL Fellowship (

Several of us are studying contract security, and we need to complete Ethernaut. Thank you for this awesome game!

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Hi @hackingbeauty,

There are several Ethernaut Community Solutions, you would be welcome to share your own too.

Would be great to hear how the Ethernaut completion goes.