Error Verify & Publish Contract Source Code Bscscan BEP20

I am very new here and looking for a little help please.

Error! Invalid constructor arguments provided. Please verify that they are in ABI-encoded format
This Error is when I am trying to Verify & Publish Contract Source Code I am using Remix IDE

Transaction Hash:0x0bcc5930c3c185018797587b3db7d13cf140a0368a3e8f3ef8d4966e13c7986a

Thank you in advance

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I just happened to see this & have the perfect solution for you. Watch my YT video on verifying smart contracts on blockscout & it shows you where to obtain this data from your transaction details on a block explorer. It is included with the transaction data & can be found on Etherscan's transaction details page as well.


Hey, welcome!
I am not familiar with BSC-Chain, maybe you can ask for help at their forum.

And maybe you can share the source code, and then I can have a try.

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I managed to figure it out. The problem been a newbie will always mean learning the hard way.
There is a lack of good information about the Smart chain contacts for total newbies but thank you for the reply. What I was doing wrong on the Remix was so simple. Before Deploying the contract I didn’t notice I had not added my address into the box haha anyway its done now.

I will most likely have to start a new topic on how to send these new tokens to my wallet as the owner?


Thank you for the reply. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to move the token I made on the Binance smart chain to the owner wallet. I have a supply of 100 million. I believe I can move 20 to 40 million into the owner address.
I tried using the docs on Binance but did not work. I am very new as I have said and I have a lot of stuff to learn. I find a very limited amount of tutorials about the BSC or just can’t find any content that is easy to follow.

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Hi @IrishDec77,

Welcome to the community :wave:

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